Jack C.

Pleasanton, CA

“They replaced/upgraded the roof on our prior home in Danville, and did a fantastic job. It was previously an old composition roof, which was in need of repair when we bought the house. We decided to go with a tile roof, to match the style of the house and give the added insulation. Our rep, Fariborz, was great and worked with us through the entire process, all the way to the end. We had a few bumps in the road (an old leaky solar water heating system had caused some severe water damage to a section unseen until the roof was removed). They were able to find solutions quickly and affordably, and had our roof water tight with minimal delays. As soon as the roof was complete, we immediately noticed he temperature in the house was much cooler with the tile roof. We will definitely use them again if our next house needs a new roof!”

Don M.

Fairfax, CA

“I recently hired A1 Home Roofing Company to put a new roof on my home and was very satisfied. I worked closely with Fariborz Ghorban on the project. He was great to work with, always returning my calls promptly and answering all my questions. My roof had some complications so there were several changes to the scope of the project and the price. Through it all, I felt Fariborz did a good job in keeping me appraised. He also worked with me honestly and forthrightly on the overall price of the project, which I needed to stay at a certain level.

Since my roof is visible when entering my house it is important how it looks. I was pleased to see his crew used the silicon roofing material to do special highlights on the vents and skylights on my roof. I didn’t expect that and really appreciate how good it looks.

My experience with roofers is that they are often flaky and less than honest. Working with this outfit was a really good experience.”

Anthony D.

San Rafael, CA

“I had an initial meeting with the project manager, Ghorban, and he was very eager to take on the job of replacing our 29 year old roof. I had talked with other roofing companies and decided to choose A1 due to their fair estimate and Ghorban’s ‘follow through’ with setting up a schedule to complete the job.
We agreed on a price and they commenced work.
Along the way, a little discrepancy in understanding happened that created some stress.
In the end this matter was resolved, the roof is excellent and I am proud to have employed A1 in the installation of our roof.”

Janna C.

Pleasanton, CA

“We called A1 Roofing to see about getting a new roof. My husband & I met with Fariborz and were so happy with his suggestions for a new roof. His crew was fast and efficient. The roof was a great value compared to the others we called out to quote a roof. We are so pleased with the look and price of our new roof. We are extremely pleased with the workmanship as well. We worked with Fariborz and he was patient, knowledgeable and helped us through the process. We would highly recommend A1 Roofing.”

Orko B.

Orinda, CA

“I replaced my roof a year ago in San Francisco in my rental home, it still look beautiful. We are extremely happy with our roof. The experience working with owner of A1 HOME ROOFING was outstanding from start to end. We got on the schedule quickly. Ghorban was honest and professional. His crew was always on time and did very good job.”

Sharon G.

Iselton, CA

“We scheduled an appointment with A1 Roofing to give us an estimate to replace a garage roof. Mr. Ghorban, the CEO, arrived on time and was the most pleasant person! He followed me to the address of the garage where he asked questions, made suggestions, and had a quote in my hands within 15 minutes. We ended up deciding not to replace the roof at this time, but I so enjoyed talking with Mr. Ghorban, and I just knew that his company would do great work. I know it is hard to explain, but I felt so comfortable and well taken care of, and I would not hesitate to have his company replace the roof when the time comes. Please consider A1 Home Roofing when you need a roof. “

Joel W.

Orinda, CA

“We had our roof replaced and house painted by Ghorban and his crews. They were great. Everything was done as promised and on time and they used high quality materials. Ghorban is quite honest and will tell you what needs to be done as unfortunately with older homes you are bound to find dry rot, etc. We had our house painted about ten years ago and you can see the difference between a job done on the quick and cheap and the one A1 did with care and attention to detail.”

Krystal K.

San Francisco, CA

“Ghorban was very knowledgable and great with follow through. I appreciate the professionalism and how he educated me (property manager and realtor) on the job as far as the extremity of this job, why we were getting high bids and the amount of work and danger that was involved in a job as this.”

Krystle K.

Vallejo, CA

“Ghorban was very knowledgeable and great with follow through. I appreciate the professionalism and how he educated me (property manager and realtor) on the job as far as the extremity of this job, why we were getting high bids and the amount of work and danger that was involved in a job as this.”

Eric M.

Napa, CA

“A1 Home Roofing did a great job on my roof, Fariborz was extremely professional and showed us all the options including the cool roof option to save on our utility bills. The price was fair with no big surprises and the work was done in just a couple of days on our smaller home. I’d definitely recommend the guys over at A1 if you’re in the market!”